For the love of Expression

I've started this blog... and have been struggling to find a reason to write. I've come to the conclusion: no big, ground breaking reason is needed. The simple act of expression is what I need. I've found much happiness from simply allowing myself to be myself, and letting creativity flow organically. And the medium of expression is always changing for me. 

Growing up I found ways of expressing myself thru clothing styles such as this:

Or hair/glasses styles such as this:

My outrageous styles in appearance also bled into my bedroom at home... At age 12 I started to staple everything I could find to my bedroom walls:

Next came Skateboarding... from designing my own boards, to working on my cruising style I found this to be the ultimate form of expression:

I'll always remember getting my first car, looking at it, and thinking it needs a little something more. So I popped off the hub caps and spray painted them all different colors, stain glassed the windows, and then I felt comfortable riding around in it. If I wasn't expressing myself, it wasn't allowed to be part of my life.

The act of expressing myself has been part of me since day one. I plan to use this blog to do simply that. It is for the love of expression. And I'm super excited to share my new found passion for photography and writing. Expressing myself gives me a reason to keep going. It helps me remember who I am, and strive towards progression in my life.