Offroading in Southern Utah w/ Land Rover

I was so excited when Land Rover reached out to me to test out the new 2017 Discovery. They invited me to the beautiful desert of Southern Utah, which is one of my all time favorite places. I instantly thought of all the rugged and remote areas that I could potentially access with the right vehicle and happily accepted the invitation to work together. I’ve always heard that Land Rover vehicles are the ultimate combination of rugged capability and style, and I finally had the opportunity to verify this for myself. 

The trip started in St. George, where I met up with the Land Rover crew and a few other photographers. Shortly after arrival, we took off on the scenic route to Zion. 

I couldn’t believe how smooth the ride was, and handling corners was a breeze. It literally felt like I was gliding down the road. 

The interior was great also.  There's a cooler compartment in the center console, usb ports and outlets all over, multiple sunroofs, and my personal favorite - folding back seats fold completely flat so that you can bring a mattress for camping. 

To gain a full appreciation for this car, we had to take them off-roading. Not just any bumpy road though, we took them onto sand dunes.

I'll never forget the feeling of driving up and down loose sand. It reminded me of surfing, or sliding out on a skateboard, but with a huge vehicle! 

We stayed out on the dunes for a few hours, testing the capability of the vehicles, and just having fun with them. Then, to our surprise, the crew had organized a nice meal in the middle of the dunes. It was one of the most memorable meals I've had.


The next few days were spend, exploring as much of the area as possible. We took every back road, and saw every place I'd dreamt of accessing. 

We capped off the trip with a group bonfire. It was a nice farewell, with everyone laughing by the fire and reminiscing about all of the one-of-a-kind experiences and places we were able to see. 

It's pretty amazing how many places you can access with the right vehicle. The Land Rover Discovery definitely lived up to the hype! Learn more here: