Wyoming: the preserved American West

I occasionally get asked on my travels abroad, "Where should I go in America?" I've never had a confident answer to that question till now. If you're someone like me, who appreciates nature and preserved culture, rather than modern cities, I would recommend the state of Wyoming.

I had the opportunity to live in Wyoming for the past month, and it is truly a different world out there. I'll never forget visiting Triangle C Dude Ranch in Dubois and experiencing the wide open landscapes on a horse. Or rafting down the class 4 rapids of the Wind River Canyon with the good folks at Wind River Canyon White Water & Fly Fishing. There is such a diversity of outdoor activities to be experienced in the state, it seems to have something for every type of adventurer. 

The best part of it for me was the amount of land there was to explore. It seems like almost every view worth seeing has been broadcasted onto the internet by this day and age. I was blown away by the stunning views that I found in Wyoming, having never seen them publisized online before:

I was also blown away by how bright the night sky was... Never seen so many stars:

And I swear the state has more animals than people:

If somebody asked me what Wyoming has to offer, I would say that it is the most preserved state of the West. Between the untouched landscapes, dark night skies, and animals roaming freely, it offers a sense of natural freedom , true exploration, and adventure.