Always ask the locals: our adventure in the Bighorns

One of the biggest challenges of what I do is finding exciting locations to shoot. While most places you can find detailed information online, there are still a few undocumented locations, that are waiting to be explored. There is a special magic going into a place that you've never seen a photo of... and those are my favorite places to explore. 

We heard the Bighorn Mountains, in Northern Wyoming were full of wildlife, and beautiful, less heard of spots. So we made the drive, and soon realized that there were hundreds of miles of backroads to explore. Not knowing where to go, we asked a Ranger if he had anywhere to recommend. He said his favorite waterfall was just a few miles down the road. 

About 5 miles down this dirt road, we showed up to one of the most glorious waterfall with cliff jumps lining a big pool to swim in. 

We jumped in about 10x each... the water was freezing, but it was such an ideal setting that we couldn't resist.


After cooling off, we set out on a mission to find a Moose. We heard they were everywhere in the Bighorns, so we just started driving with our eyes peeled. We cruised backroads, and found some idyllic cabins along the way.

After a few hours we started to get discouraged, so we asked some local campers if they had seen any Moose around. They jumped up and said, "Yeah there's one right by the river!" We turned around to see a mother and baby staring at us.

I'll never forget our adventure in the Bighorns... the amazing waterfall, cliff jumps, seeing moose, and none of this could be researched. We owe our experience to the locals, and their willingness to show a few outsiders a good time. 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Travel Wyoming . The opinions and text are all mine.